Install a wind turbine with McDermott Energy at no cost and earn rental income

wind power

Having a McDermott Energy small-medium scale wind turbine installed on your farm or commercial property costs you nothing. McDermott Energy applies for planning permission and the grid connection to the National Grid. McDermott Group will develop your site and will, if all falls into place, arrange to pay you a rental income linked to the revenues from the sale of electricity onto the National Grid from the wind turbine. The rental income is about £5,000 per annum, but this is heavily dependent on your specific site.

McDermott Energy wind turbines are typically 25 to 35 metres tall and will generate clean renewable electricity, which we will feed into the National Grid through your existing three-phase grid connection. Some sites may be suitable for up to two wind turbines.

McDermott Energy is actively looking for locations in which to install a wind turbine, so if you have a farm or a commercial property that you think might be suitable, please get in contact with us below. We are typically looking for locations with the following characteristics:

  1. Wind speed of over 6m/s at the height of the wind turbine hub
  2. Access to the site with an articulated lorry or heavy goods vehicle
  3. Not in an environmentally sensitive area, like an AONB
  4. Not close to buildings or trees

50kw Wind Turbines

wind power

McDermott Energy has several partners for its medium sized wind turbines. We use advanced wind turbines designed specifically for distributed wind power applications that are modern, induction-based 50kW wind turbines bringing efficient, reliable, safe and quiet, renewable energy within reach of homeowners, businesses and institutions across the United Kingdom. This will generate a rental income of around £5,000 per annum, depending on your site conditions.

5kw Wind Turbines

wind power

McDermott Energy has several partners for its small scale 5kW wind turbines. They offer a no-cost renewable energy solution for land owners, organisations and communities to gain free electricity. McDermott Energy can obtain the necessary  planning consent, develop and build micro wind developments, with no financial input from the landowner or the community. This will generate an income of around £500 per annum, depending on your site conditions.

What if I want to buy a wind turbine outright?

In some cases you might want to buy the wind turbine system outright and earn all the income yourself for the lifetime of the system. This is a great option if you want a long term income suitable for retirement, or you want to provide an asset that will continue for multiple generations.

Please get in contact with McDermott Energy as we can provide this option to you