About Us

Wind Turbines

McDermott Energy provides three main renewable products that enable you to save and earn money:- Biomass, Solar and Wind.

McDermott Energy offers three methods of acquiring our renewable products - BUY, LEASE or FREE.

McDermott Energy can pay for the full installation and on-going maintenance costs meaning there is no cost to you, all you need to do is agree to let us use your land or buildings and we will take care of the rest.

Alternatively, we can offer a long term contract, which constitutes a fixed annual charge per kWh of heating and cooling delivered from the system. Installation, maintenance and performance optimisation are all covered by the payment eliminating project risk and reducing exposure to fuel and carbon market fluctuations. Typically we are looking to fund over a 20-25 year period, the life of our equipment, but we are happy to consider shorter terms where appropriate.